Class Reunions

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2011 Reunion

Photos submitted by Frances Stallman-King
Any corrections or additions, please advise

Additional photos from Lorna Kistler added July 25th. Thanks Lorna!

JoAnn Erickson-Ketel, Gloria Tagtow-Bowar, Karen Erickson-Lantz

Dr. Tony Berg, Gary Schindler, Ronnie Petersen,  Don Schindler

Ralph Schelske, Patty Fletcher-Weber and husband Don

Louis Schelske, Jim Murphy, Steve Fletcher

Randy Fletcher, Wayne Monson, Karen Erickson-Lantz

Dick and Gloria Beaudin-Black

Kay McManus, Gary Schindler, Gloria Black, Tony Berg, Ronnie McManus

Kirby Werner, Patrick Kistler, Gene Korzan, Wayne Monson, Irv Beckman,
Mark Reed, Charlie Mc Camnu

Charlie and Gloria Tagtow-Bowar

Don Wagaman, Larry Schelle, Daniel Hoffer

Marjo Fletcher-Crain, Frances Stallman-King

Back, l-r: Louis Schelske, Lenny and Jeannie Schelske-Wolcott,  Connie Schelske-Surat,
Harlan Schelske, Jerry Kistler; Front: Gerald and Adella Schelske Mohr, Lorna Schelske-Kistler

Back: Ralph Schelske, Steve Larsen, Gordon Jensen, Delilah Schelske-Fletcher Steve Gunter
Seated: Nancy Schelske Larsen, Peggy Murphy-Jensen

Back, l-r: Ralph Schelske, Steve Larsen, Gordon Jensen, Steve Gunter, Norman Jensen,
Louis Schelske, Lenny Wolcott, Harlan Schelske, Jerry Kistler; 
Middle: Delilah Schelske-Fletcher, Sharon Graves-Jernsen,  Jeannie Schelske Wolcott,
Connie Schelske-Surat,
Seated: Nancy Schelske-Larsen, Peggy Murphy-Jensen, Karen Schelske-Gunter,
Adella Schelske-Mohr, Gerald Mohr, Lorna Kistler

Back: Keith Nissen, Lindy Cosgrove and Harlan Stenslas, Carolyn Cosgrove,
Front: Helen Schelle- Sievers, Janice Kickland-Schelle, Skip Sievers

Garry Swanson, Don Fletcher, Bob Stewart

Gloria Beaudin-Black, ?, Bonnie Schindler

Dick Black, Sandy Stallman-Foxwell

Harlan and Vianne Schooler-Stenslas

Back: Dick Black, Marjo Fletcher-Crain, Donna Hoffer-Wucetich
Front: Colleen Murphy-Koch and Arnold Koch,

Carolyn Cosgrove, Donna Hoffer-Wucetich, Marjo Fletcher-Crain, Harlan Stenslas,

Charlie Kentch

Facing camera: Steve Fletcher, Nancy Schelske-Larsen,  Karen Schelske-Gunter, Ricky Roth
Back to camera: Delilah Schelske-Fletcher,

Lindy Cosgrove, Wayne Monson, Leroy and JoAnn Erickson-Ketel

Bill Stallman, Steve Fletcher

Mark Reed, Gerald Mohr

Leola Schaefer-Peterson

Don Schoessler

Linda Cullen-, Lorna Schelske-Kistler

Linda Cullen-, Don and Bonnie Schindler

Margaret and Don Wagaman , Keith Nissen

Standing: Mark Reed, Sharon Burrull-Ellis, LeRoy Ellis;  Seated: Lowell Surat (in yellow shirt),
Front: Garry and Marlys Cosgrove-Swanson, Harlan Stenslas

Marjo Fletcher-Crain and Maurice Crain

Marjo Fletcher-Crain and Pat Fletcher-Weber

Steve Fletcher and Don Weber

June Cosgrove-Griffith

John Cosgrove

Louis Schelske, Larry Schelle

Garry Swanson, Wayne and Dorothy DeWitt-Monson, Margaret Wagaman

This collection from Lorna

Dennis Hall, Alona Parkening-Petersen,  Bill Stallman, Jerry Kistler. 
Front: Karen Erickson-Lantz and Cassie Wagner-Thelen.  Class of ' 61 ( 50-yr reunion)

Sonia Hight-Schelske, Sharon-Graves Jensen, Norman Jensen, Ralph Schelske, Harlan Schelske

Connie Schelske-Surat, Sonia Hight-Schelske, Sharon-Graves Jensen, Norman Jensen,
Ralph Schelske, Harlan Schelske

Class of ' 62- Gary Schindler, Lorna Schelske-Kistler, LeRoy Wagaman, Linda Cullen-Bernard

  Alona Parkening-Peterson, Karen Erickson-Lantz, Betty Erickson-Korzan, LeRoy Ellis

Reliance School and Community Museum

Classmates toured the new museum Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to Ron McManus for being
Reliance's resident RHS pack rat/collector and for sharing his collection with us. 

Ron and Ruth Ann Cosgrove-McManus

Don Wagaman and wife, Keith Nissen

Thanks for coming!!!

- 2008 Reunion
Submitted by Lyle Stewart

Clockwise: Lyle Stewart '57, Gene '56 and JoAnn Tagtow, Bonnie King, 
Don '57 Schindler

Clockwise l-r: Donna Hofer, Gene Tagtow '56, Bonnie King, Don Schindler ('57), 
Lyle Stewart ('57), Donna Kentch

Clockwise: Lyle Stewart ('57), Donna Kentch, Charlie Kentch ('56), Frances 
King ('57), Donna Hofer, Gene ('56) and JoAnn Tagtow

Submitted by Barbara Speck

Class of 1953      Adella Schelske, Marlys Cosgrove, Colleen Murphy, Arnold Koch 

Class of 1958   Curtis Berg, Duane Butt,  Owen Murphy, Betty Erickson, 
Dorothy Rohrback.  

Class of 1963    Back, Myron Kindopp, Ronald McManus, Lenny Wolcott. 
Front, Sheila McManus,  Lynette Larson,  Sharon McManus  

Class of 1968   
Joyce Moulton,  Ricky Roth, Bernie  Harvey   

 Robert Stewart '48, Betty Norton '43, Joseph Hieb '43

2005 Reunion
Submitted by Frances King

Stallman sisters: Sandy, Barbara, Pegge and Frances '57

Frances Stallman-King and Randy Fletcher  '65

Marjo Fletcher '57,  Helen Schelle '57 and Frances Stallman '57 

Bill '61 and Linda Bunnell - Stallman

Charlie & MaryAnne Rogers
Charlie and Mary Ann Stallman '57 -Rogers

Larry Schelle '54

Wayne Monson '55  and Frances Stallman '57

  RHS Reunion, 2002
From Barbara Stallman-Speck collection

   Class of 1932

  Elmer Schelske

Class of 1952

Vianne Schooler-Stenslas, Carol Fletcher-Anderson, Wanita Fields-Turner 

Class of 1957

Mary Ann Stallman-Rogers, Helen Schelle-Sievers, Don Schindler, Marjo Fletcher-Crain,
Patty Ann Recoy-Peterson-Kercher 

Class of 1962

 Lorna Schelske, Doug Fletcher

Class of 1967

Back, l-r: Gerald Berg, Steve Fletcher, Jim Butt. 
Front:  Jill Berg,  Wanda Thompson-Blacksmith, Karen Schelske-Gunter

 RHS Reunion, 1999

Class of 1954

Back, l-r:  Daniel Hofer, Larry Schelle, Keith Nissen.
Front: Gloria (Tagtow) Bowar, Vivian (Hodgin) Gillings, Betty (Hodgin) Ketchum, Adele Fields