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RHS coming down

From the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register, March 11, 1999 issue. The school bell now rests atop the Reliance Fire Hall and the fire escape can be found at the Garry and Marlys (Cosgrove) Swanson home in Chamberlain. The building was torn down in

                      Freshman Initiation . The way it was

1964-’65    No photo
Dress Code:  
Darla Schooler –
(preacher) white shirt, dark suit of her dad’s, a hat, May’s shoes.
  Betty Jo White –(groom)  white shirt, dark suit of her dad’s, her dad’s shoes, sunflowers. 
Ricky Roth –white dress, high heeled shoes, a wig, bouquet of flowers. 
Joyce Moulton -
  (Negro pappy) black face and hands, white shirt, dark suit
of her dad’s … with 2 pillows, a hat

Bob Erickson – (Negro mammy) black face and hands, bright dress with 2 pillows,
red scarf over hair, bring a wagon
Jim Johnson – (Negro baby) black face and hands, diaper over cut-off jeans, bottle
of sour milk, baby bonnet on head.  
Donna K. (witch) broom, black pointed hat, black wig, one black boot, one black
tennis shoe, black dress of her mother’s.  

Karen Bingen -
(pirate) black patch over one eye, red sash, blouse with patches, cut-offs with patches.
Mitzi Howard –(Peter Pan) green long-johns, green hat, baby powder with sign
“Magic Powder”, magic wand.   
Bernadine Harvey – (gypsy) long bright skirt, bright blouse, red scarf around hair,
long earrings, all the necklaces and bracelet’s you can wear.  

Mary Larson –
(cowgirl) brown skirt, dark blouse, guns, cowboy boots and hat.

Carlton Peterson -
  (Fred Flintstone) one-arm, brown gunny sack, club, barefooted. 
Kenny Schindler - (cupid)  bare footed, bow and arrow, diaper over cut-off jeans, necklace of hearts, a box of heart candy to pass to sophomores
Charles LaRoche -
  (clown)  Dad’s jeans with patches, dad’s shirt with patches. 

Pete L. –
(bench warmer) old sweatshirt, old Jamaica shorts, old knee socks, old
tennis shoes 4 sizes too big and on wrong feet, one or two little balls to play with
Wilma Firecloud -  (convict)  grey uniform trimmed in green, carry a sign “Visiting Alcatraz”
Melissa Coffey –
(Mrs. Flintstone) brown gunny sack, bare footed. 

Richard Quick -
(Zorro) stick horse, black hat, black cape, black jeans, and a stick sword. When the bell rings must jump up and holler “Zorro rides again”. Jill responsible
Rules of initiation:  All boys (freshmen) must wear lipstick and eye shadow. Girls
must wash but not fix their hair and have 13 pigtails all over head. All freshmen
must bring 3 candy bars and give to sophomores.
During noon hour and before
school the freshmen must say to all upper classmen, upon request, “I am a green, green freshman and I respect, honor and envy
my upperclassmen”. Boys must
curtsy and girls must bow while saying this.

1963    No photo  
Everyone –
Two onions on green string around neck, bring three candy bars to
give to sophomores, have fingernails painted green, during noon hour and before school must say to all your upper classmen “I am a green green freshman and I respect, honor and envy upperclassmen”.  Boys must curtsy and girls must bow
while saying this.  Girls must wash hair, do not fix.
Dress Code: 
Vicky Burull – Men’s Bermuda shorts, knee socks, men’s long shirt, necktie, rope
belt, sign “Best Dressed Man of the Year”. 
Gerald Berg –
Short jeans, blouse tight at waist, old cincher type girdle, two braids
in hair, green bow on each side of glasses. 
Diane Berg –
baggy full length men’s green underwear, with bikini, sign on back
in 1 inch letters “The End”. 
Jill Berg –
Jamaica shorts, knee socks, rubber ball, Tony’s tennis shoes, sweatshirt, sign “Bench Warmer”.  
James Butt – Dad’s over-alls backwards, dad’s shirt tucked in, bottle saying
“Reducing Pills”.  
Wanda Blacksmith – shoe shine kit, black and white polish, potato sack dress.
Darlene DeWitt–
Black slacks and black shirt, black ball of cotton on chin and side burns. 
Steve Fletcher – bottle of sour milk, baby cap, diaper over cut off jeans, black
hands and face.  
Edward Harvey – floor length wedding gown, bouquet of sun
flowers, veil, earrings, bright red lipstick, green eye shadow.  
Darlene Larson – thirteen patches on jeans, paper bag on stick (full of rags) old ragged shirt. 
Ardene Lux –
mans suit, white crepe paper tie 20 inches long on backwards, top
hat, book of Three Little Pigs, suit must be black.  
Adrian Middletent –
woman’s dress backwards, woman’s shoes. 
Robert Muldoon –
full dress knee length, dyed red mop for hair top lamb, sun bonnet, green bow on each side of glasses.
Jane Moulton –
Hat made of castor bean leaves with chicken feather, green slacks
and shirt, can of baby powder with sign saying “Magic Dust”. 
Arlene Peterson –
man’s suit, man’s shoes, sunflower boutonniere, wide tie, man’s hat. 
Kathy Schelske –
bright colored dress, two large red pillows, bright red lipstick,
bright red kerchief, black face and hands.  Karen Schelske – gray uniform, twelve-
foot- long paper chain attached to twelve inch black ball, sign “Visiting Alcatraz” in
one-inch letters. 
Joe Sees the Elk – Work shoes, big hat, work overalls, work shirt. 
Carolyn Schaefer –
Clown outfit, red rouge on cheeks. 
Wanda Thompson – grass skirt, thirteen leis, flowered blouse, leis around arm and ankle. 
Linda Thompson – black skirt and black slacks, four foot tail, cat ears in hair, cat whiskers .

1962                                    Rules of Initiation:
Each bring 3 candy bars (five centers). Give to sophomores.  Fingernails and toe-
nails must be painted green. Wear two onions on green string around neck.  Girls
wear hair in fifteen braids.  Boys part hair in middle  No make-up for girls unless so instructed, boys wear make-up.

Left - Jeannie Peterson. Right - Dorothy White

More identification needed. Jeanette Burull-Annie Oakley; Tony Berg-bride; Randy Fletcher

Susan Negro. Baby diaper, baby bottle, sour milk, baby bonnet, shorts, rattle, cold cream and black shoe polish.  
Sharon B. – Shoe shine boy, red scarf on hair, dad’s overalls, dad’s shoes and carry
a shoe shine kit.
Jeannette B. –
Annie Oakley, six-guns, braids, stick hose, cowboy skirt, long sleeved blouse, cowboy boots.
Linda Howard –Green underwear, bikini. The End written on back, sun glasses, carry an umbrella and towel, Coppertone.
Gay H. –
Wear flannel nightgown, nightcap, carry doll, wear alarm clock around neck.  Jean H. – Negro mammy, red scarf on hair, bright dress, cold cream, apron, two
pillows, black shoe polish.  
Billie H. Dress, three can-cans, high heels, carry purse, rouge, powder, wear wig, bonnet.
Charlie –
Preacher, top hat, black suit and tie, white tie.  
Gail –Groom. Hat, boutonniere, suit, black mens shoes, hair under hat.  
Myrna –Beatnik, guitar, beard, black golf cap, black sweatshirt, short black slacks. Jeannie P. – Gunny sack, skirt, white underwear, lamp shade.  
Dorothy – Dress as farmer, wear dad’s clothes, baggy overalls, carry shovel, wear straw hat.  
Kay –
Hula skirt, knee pants, ring of flowers around neck and in hair.  
James G. – Negro daddy, corncob pipe, jeans (patched), one leg long and one short, cold cream, black shoe polish, high hat.
Tony Berg –
Bride, white wedding gown, veil, white high heels, bouquet of sun-
flowers, wear lipstick and rouge.
Roger B. – Spaceman, beanie, carry Mars candy bars, wear pants too big with bottom of legs tied, baggy shirt.
Loretta F. – Huck Finn, overalls with one shoulder strap, red shirt, ragged hat, barefoot, patch on toe, fishing pole (no hook), can of worms.

1961     No photo      Rules for all Freshmen:
1.    All freshmen must paint their fingernails toe nails green.  
Onions must be
worn around the neck tied with green string. 
3. Girls may not wear make-up.  
Girls must wash hair and braid with 20 braids to be taken out when hair is dry.  
5.  All freshmen must bring four five cent candy bars for the sophomores.
6. Freshmen must pass last to lunch and classes.  
Freshmen must bow when they meet a sophomore. 
  Make-up for initiation day: 

Merle Bingen – Girdle over cut-off jeans to the knee, spike heels, green nylons and undershirt on top. 
Randy Fletcher
-  String mop for hair, ruffed dress and bonnet, two can-cans under dress. Carry a toy lamb and a cane. In World History class recite “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. 
Bonnie Blacksmith
– Wear dangling ear rings, patch over eye, cut off jeans (jagged), black T shirt and
carry a sword.  
Diane Bukacek
– Green crepe paper skirt, necklace of flowers, midriff flowers, flowers around ankle and wrist. Carry a hula hoop. 
Ruth Ann Cosgrove – Wear a bikini with green underwear underneath. 
June Howard - Gunny sack suit cut like a cave woman. White underwear underneath. Kenny Kercher -  Always hold hands with June, wear gunny sack suit with white
Johnny Murphy
– Baby bonnet, diapers, baby bottle with sour milk, cut off jeans
above the knee with diapers over them. Carry a baby rattle. Wear a bib and under-
shirt (white).
Avery Tagtow
–Tight skirt, dangling ear rings, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, powder and rouge. Have a purse. In it must be a girdle, mirror, lipstick, powder, eyebrow pencil, rouge and an identification card. Wear a ladies blouse.  
Judy Schelske -
Wear your dad’s overalls, old blue shirt, big straw hat men’s shoes and walk with a limp like Amos McCoy. 
Kenny Reuer – Size 42 dress stuffed with 4 bed pillows and lipstick and rouge.
Joan McManus – Clown suit-nob for nose-big red lips.
Dennis London – Old stick with bundle on end and make up like a darky with soot
and cold cream, wear lip stick. Wear black velvet hat and an old baggy suit.

1960   L-r: June Whitney, Sandy Bingen, Sandy Stallman, Jeanie Schelske, Mary Ann White, Jo Ann Muldoon, Roberta Thompson, Connie Schelske, Reta Warner, Robert Graves, Lindy Cosgrove.
Dress Code:
Jo Ann Muldoon - Dress as a shoeshine boy. Wear black long socks. Wear white Bermuda shorts  and gunny sack blouse.   
Mary Ann White - Wear white bathing suit with green underwear underneath and either knee boots or hip boots. Wear sign with “Miss Reliance” on it.  
Robert Graves- Wear jeans cut off above the knees  and diapers over them. Wear T-shirt with bib over it and baby bonnet. Carry bottle of sour milk.
Jeanie Schelske -
Wear bibbed overalls warn backwards and dad’s shirt  backwards with 18 patches on shirt. Stuff two bed pillows in overalls, wear red hankerchief
around neck.
Lindy Cosgrove
- Wear Bermuda shorts with lady’s girdle worn over the, one high
heel and one field boot, green nylons, pair of earrings, four bracelets on each arm, three necklaces, rogue and lipstick. 6. June Whitney … Wear gunny sack upside-
down with nine patches on it. Bring roll of toilet tissue and stand in front of school house from 8:30 to 8:55 yelling, “Extra, Extra, get your morning paper.”   
Reta Warner - Wear a white dress made out of an old sheet and a curtain for a veil. Carry bouquet of wild flowers. 
Sandy Bingen - Wear long black dress, at least five pieces of jewelry, wear black shoes. 
Connie Schelske - Wear jeans slit up six inches at the knees and a shirt town within two inches from bottom and sleeves slit, too. Carrie a fishing pole with a hankerchief  filled with rocks tied to the end.  
Sandy Stallman
- Wear rag shirt cut into two inch strips and anything under it that is
above the knees. Also wear rag blouse and a lampshade hat. Carry huha hoop. 
Roberta Thompson - Wear red long underwear, a stuffed tail and horns fasten-
ed to head. Carry toy pitchfork.

Back:  Lyle Stewart, Theron Hodgin, Duane Batterman, Delmar Swanson, Ronald Frame, Francis Bukacek, Jimmy Murphy, Patty Ann Recoy, Rosemary Card, Frances Stallman; Front: Loren Schelle, Helen Schelle, Mary Ann Stallman. Marjo Fletcher,  Donnie Schindler.

1954-'55 Back, l-r: Joleen Recoy,Beverly Hansen, Darrell Heron, Kay Jandreau,
Marian Tagtow, Pat Kistler, Myrna Cullen?, Larry Smith, Charlie McManus, Owen
Murphy; Front: Alice Whitford,, Maxine Stallman, Patty Fletcher, Myrna Schelske,
Barbara Stallman, Mark Reed.

1950 Mug shots of Freshmen being initiated was "the rule". Jerry Murray and
Adella Schelske are helping Gloria Tagtow obey that rule.

This photo was found in one of Ron McManus'  RHS treasure boxes and I wanted to share. No year on the photo. 

First row back – Wayne Bartholow  Sam Norton   Tom Archer,  ?,  Rose Kercher, Gertrude Booher, Carrie Drafahl, Naomi  Ocheltree;  2nd back -  ? Kercher, Bertha Lippens, Evelyn O’Neill, Zelpha Lester, ? Etherton, Lena Otto, Glen Farrell, Lillian Perrine; First row front - ? Wilcox,  Dorothy McManus, Donnie Montgomery, Dudley Bramblett, Emil Neyt, Mandel Berg, ? Wilcox, Madeline Neyt.

Two photos from Cooper School, south of Reliance.  From the 1940's.
If you can identify anyone in either photo, please CONTACT US

Photo #1   Ca, 1947

This is what I (Barbara) think I know. Back, l-r: Mary Ann Stallman, RHS, ?, Anna Black-Stallman?,  unknown lady with baby; Middle row - Girl hidden behind Peggy Stallman, unknown tall girl, 2nd little girl hidden, 2nd tall girl (I'm thinking White or Traxel?); Front - Peggy Stallman (RHS), Maxine or Sandy Stallman (RHS), girl in slacks looks to be Helen Schelle (RHS) ?, girl with box could be me, Barbara Stallman (RHS) based on the fact that she and the other little girl have matching dresses (Ann Stallman sewed her childrens' clothes and it wasn't unusual for her girls to wear matching dresses),  Marjo Fletcher (RHS), and last, could be Gloria Tagtow (RHS) who seems to hanging onto her little brother's hand.  If you can identify anyone, please CONTACT US.

Photo #2

Back, l-r: Colleen Murphy, Marlys Cosgrove, Anna Mae Yates, Peggy Murphy; Middle: Gene Tagtow?, Gloria Tagtow, Corrine Cosgrove; Front: Patty Fletcher, Marjo Fletcher, Frances Stallman and Barbara Stallman. Ca early 1950's. 
Someone suggested it could be a school picnic on American Island. If you have any information, please share. thanks. barbara.